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July 9, 2011

My last written post was pretty bleak, dead bird image and all.  And while it certainly is true that the internet has some very dark corners, there is also quite a bit of loveliness.  So today, rather than natter on about my back,  my fear and my hopelessness I thought I’d post some of the loveliness I have found over the last few months.

Pistachio crusted raspberry cheesecake


 neat art stuff



drilled holes in condemned farmhouses


The idea of a Human Library first emerged in Copenhagen about a decade ago, as a way to break down prejudice by bringing people of different backgrounds together for one-on-one conversations. The Toronto Public Library held its first Human Library event at five branches on Nov. 6, attracting more than 200 users who checked out the likes of a police officer, a comedian, a sex-worker-turned-club-owner, a model and a survivor of cancer.

the cutest bunny ever


not sure if either of these people qualify as “awesome”, but the site the image comes from is very cool

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